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That’s better: see what’s been commented on recently

I’ve installed a number of (free) WordPress plugins – specifically, fuzzy recent comments, fuzzy recent posts and fuzzy recently updated by Semiologic.

This means (if you look down on the right-hand side) that you can see what the latest posts are, which pages have recently been updated (this only refers those publicly visible within the /blog directory) and who’s been commenting on what. I think that this will – until I get the forums up – give us the chance to follow the discussions going on here more effectively.

Your feedback always welcome, of course. I am trying the forums; it’s a question of getting the headers consistent with the rest of the site so that people won’t disappear into some sort of black hole there. Sure, the site isn’t consistent anyway, but improvement can be incremental.

(As I write this I’m watching the BBC Panorama program on the mad money-go-round within the NHS which describes a “double whammy” for going into debt… under the rules the government sets. They have to pay back the debt and lose it from their budget of the next year. One can see why the trading funds aren’t keen to be there.)

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