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Free Our Data nominated for New Statesman award

Here’s a nice surprise: the Free Our Data campaign has been nominated for a New Statesman New Media Awards prize under the “Advocacy” category (well, let’s be honest: we were never going to win “best-designed”).

The category so far includes Fathers Direct, net-guide and Your Local We’ll be hanging out the bunting.. er, putting up a GIF showing that we’re nominated in no time.

In the meantime, I’m still working on adding forums; and there is a wiki though it’s pretty awful and hasn’t been properly integrated into the site at all. (A bit of reflection will suggest where you can find it; please bear in mind that it’s like a house where someone has moved in and not unpacked. That said, please have a play.)

If anyone does know a web designer who wants to spruce up an NMA-nominated site, just tell them to get in touch..

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