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Seeing red

We came across this while wandering the web, and thought that (while it’s not core to the Free Our Data campaign) that it still carried some interesting implications…

Seeing red: “Having just looked at an old postage certificate I had got a couple of weeks ago and no longer needed, I was shocked to find that the Royal Mail asserts that:

Royal Mail, the Cruciform and the colour red are registered Trade Marks of Royal Mail Group plc.

The colour red? Like, any colour red? Or just the red that pillarboxes come in? Is that why Arsenal changed their strip this season? What about yellow or magenta – can I use them, even though they contain the colour red? What if I were colourblind and inadvertently used it? Would that be wrong?

You have to agree, it’s an interesting question. Is the red in question a specific Pantone combination, or some other sort of “red”.


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