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Mark the date: July 17 at the RSA, London, for the Free Our Data debate

There will be a public debate on July 17 at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (RSA) in London on the issue of

  • Derek Wyatt MP, chairman of the all-party group on the internet, to chair the debate
  • Paul Crake, RSA programme director

  • Carol Tullo, director, Office of Public Sector Information, controller of HMSO, and Queen’s printer
  • Ed Parsons, chief technology officer, Ordnance Survey
  • David Vaver, director of the Oxford University Intellectual Property Research Centre
  • Charles Arthur, editor, Guardian Technology
  • Tickets are free. You can apply online at [link updated – thanks!] or phone the RSA lectures booking line on 020 7451 6868.

    See you there!

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