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Where we are today: chasing half a dozen ministers who won’t take responsibility

In today’s Guardian, Michael Cross looks back at more than six months of the Free Our Data campaign, and rounds up what we’re truly found out in this time.

Briefly, it’s that we have a £1 billion business which supports 25% of the economy – that is, public sector information – and yet nobody in government is prepared to take responsibility for it. By our count, there are at least six ministers (including Margaret Hodge, Ed Miliband, ohn Healey, David Miliband, Angela Smith and Pat McFadden) who are in some way or other in charge of public sector information. And none of them seems to want to be in charge of it, or take responsibility. There are two ministers in charge of the Ordnance Survey.

Read all about it at The fight has only just begun. And give us your advice on what we ought to do next. We wondered whether fixing up a few interviews with ministers might not help. And what would be the best questions to ask them?

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