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Phone mast data: it’s free, and out there

Interesting: ononemap, a property search company, has grabbed the data about mobile phone mast locations from Ofcom’s site and put it onto its own, along all the property ones.

Free data; commercial organisation using it. Will this be an example of the effect of using free data in the private sector?

It’s a very interesting application of (inevitably?) Google Maps, but the mashup – which as well as (obviously) properties for sale by area also optionally shows properties that have already sold, secondary schools, supermarkets and, now, mobile phone masts – which the sites notes at

© Ofcom: Information reproduced accurately and in context from the Mobile Phone Base Station Database and with adherence to the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. OnOneMap displays the mast information as per the aforementioned database as of December 2006.


Is it bringing more visitors to ononemap? Is it helping house sales? (We feel obliged to point out that there is no evidence that phone masts have any effect on your health – though of course you might be able to bargain down a seller if you could point out there was one nearby…)

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