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Free our address data – or at least get them to stop charging each other: the petition

As noted in this comment elsewhere on the blog, there’s now a No.10 petition to stop the address madness:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop the expensive and damaging address ownership conflict currently existing between Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey and Local Government by definitively establishing that the intellectual property input of all three parties into derived address products such as PAF, AddressPoint, NLPG and NSG is equal in scope and value. Consequently, in the public interest, none of the three parties should charge either of the other parties for use of these products.

While we’re sceptical of the power of these petitions to change anything, they’re a good meeting point to indicate strengths of feeling.

So – sign it and then meet back here to work out what financial impact this would actually have – especially since local authorities are meant to be planning how much to charge for searches relating to homes (link to Yvette Cooper MP dithering on the matter earlier this month).

If they didn’t have to pay for that part, would searches be cheaper?

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