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Free Our Data: sessions this Thursday and Saturday, in Manchester and London

The debate continues over free data: I’ll (Charles Arthur) be appearing this Thursday at Manchester University, with the National Centre for e-Social Science.

The Manchester event is in the evening, starting at 6.30pm: I’m on a panel with Peter Elias, Professor of Labour Economy, University of Warwick and Strategic Advisor (Data Resources) to the ESRC; Duncan MacNiven, the Registrar General for Scotland; Jil Matheson, director of Census, Demographic and Regional Statistics at the Office for National Statistics; and Neil Ackroyd: Director of Data Collection and Management, Ordnance Survey.

The topic:

Should social researchers have unlimited access to the data that Government collects about individual UK citizens? Would the benefits of better evidence on which to base social policy outweigh concerns about privacy? Experts from academia and government will offer their views and respond to questions from the audience.

With those attendees, it should be quite an event..

On Saturday, I’ll be on a panel at 11am as part of the Open Knowledge Foundation conference in London

with Ed Parsons, until recently the chief technology officer of Ordnance Survey, and Steve Coast, founder of OpenStreetMap.

Read more on that, including directions etc, at the OScon site.

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