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Geology is free (well, will be)

From the Guardian of March 9, Geological knowledge to go online:

British scientists are leading an international effort to bring together all the known geological information about every country in the world. By making the data freely available and allowing researchers to track geological features across national boundaries, the project will make it easier to plan international projects, predict earthquakes and locate natural resources such as oil and gas.

Once the project, called OneGeology, is up and running the data will be searchable via the internet. “Geology has no respect for national frontiers,” said Ian Jackson, who is coordinating the project for the British Geological Survey (BGS). “The data exists, but accessibility is the key.”

We’ll be interested to see how it copes with saying precisely where these geological features are in the UK without reference to Ordnance Survey data; or perhaps it’s going to license it. In which case who’s going to fund it?

I’m reliably told too that the Free Our Data campaign was mentioned at the launch – and that while Ireland is going to make all of its data at all scales completely free, the same won’t be true for the UK, where you’ll have to pay for data below a certain scale.

That noise in the background is me, grinding my teeth.

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