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Your questions please for Baroness Ashton – and a question for you, the reader

Baroness Ashton, of the Department of Constitutional Affairs, and about as close as the government gets to being a minister for public sector information, has agreed to give us an interview meet us, off the record, next week. She would like to “hear our concerns”.

So, what questions would you like us to ask her? Reasonable ones, please.

And (since I’ve linked to theyworkforyou): Tom Steinberg, one of the people behiind MySociety, asked a key question about the realpolitik of the campaign:

“What single piece of evidence would you put forward to the Treasury that would convince them that it is worth spending tens of millions of pounds to make this data free?”

In other words, where’s the proof that this move to free data would really bring economic benefit?

Your submissions please. Links to papers (even very geeky economic ones) for, and against it you like.

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