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Minister confirms government response to OFT on PSI by end of June

Wondderful thing, theyworkforyou – it takes government (well, Parliamentary) data and repurposes it to create something more useful.

We’ve just noticed that among the written questions is one by Mark Todd, who wanted to know when the government will respond to the OFTs’ CUPI report.

The response of Ian McCartney, DTI minister:

The OFT’s report contains some challenging recommendations. Given the importance and potential impact of the recommendations, and the wider constituency of interested parties both within and outside Government, more time was required to properly frame the response. The Government expect to publish their response to the report before the end of June.

We’re intrigued by the idea that there are “challenging” recommendations in the OFT report. But at least this gives us a clear indication that things are moving.

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