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“Power of Information” review from Cabinet Office: government could do more with our data

Tom Steinberg of MySociety (behind theyworkforyou) has co-authored an important new report, “The Power of Information Review” which suggests that online advice sites could improve citizen empowerment.

But it does much more: it looks at government use of public data and suggests more could be done, including beefing up the Office of Public Sector Information.

We’ll have more when we’ve read it in detail..

Tom Steinberg’s blogged his brief comments; here’s the official PDF; and here’s a site where you can comment on the report, rather as you can with Hansard discussion on theyworkforyou.

Meanwhile today’s Guardian looks at the collapse of the National Spatial Address Infrastructure effort in “Address plan finally abandoned“. RIP NSAI – you tried but didn’t have the right backing, ultimately.

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