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Who’s who after the reshuffle

Today’s Guardian asks “Can the new ministers make a difference?” and looks at who is now who following the reshuffle by Gordon Brown.

Key players now are:

  • Michael Wills (in charge of OPSI and the National Archives, and Freedom of Information)
  • Stephen Timms, now minister of state for competitiveness, will have a key role in setting the rules under which trading funds such as the Meteorological Office and Ordnance Survey operate in the information market
  • Derek Twigg at the MoD (which has some say over the UK Hydrographic Office and Met Office)
  • Lord (Jeff) Rooker at Defra, who will have to oversee the implementation of Inspire
  • Baroness Andrews at DCLG, which includes overseeing Ordnance Survey
  • Ed Miliband at Cabinet Office, who’ll have to look after the web 2.0 and the implementation of the ideas accepted from The Power Of Information report.

We’ve linked to their Parliamentary profiles on TheyWorkForYou so you have some idea of what they’ve been interested in previously… though of course that’s not necessarily a guide to how they’ll act as ministers.

We’ll have an announcement regarding Michael Wills in a later post.

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