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More on government departments’ submissions to the Select Committee

This week’s Guardian Technology supplement expands on the acid remarks from Defra and also the Ministry of Defence over the Ordance Survey’s licensing system in submissions to the Communities and Local Government select committee inquiry.

In Ordnance Survey under fire from inside the government we note that

the Ministry of Defence paints a picture of a 200-year-old relationship turning sour because OS has to operate as a business. While the agency is a world-class organisation providing an excellent service, “in recent times the boundaries applied to the use of OS’s data for public service and national interest work have become increasingly blurred. MoD has experienced more stringency and complexity being applied to the release of data by OS, which has resulted in uncertainty and lack of flexibility in the use of that data by the MoD.” Licensing charges set by OS are “particularly high”. As a result “some government users are being denied access”.

Sound familiar?

Also worth noting: there’s now a single page with all the Free Our Data stories from the Guardian. (It’s part of the website redesign. Maybe we’ll try on here some time.)

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