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A chance to tell OPSI what we want

Our friends at the National Archives are making an energetic start to the new year, with a series of events to sound out what re-users of public sector information want from the custodians of our digital crown jewels. The first is a “barcamp” to be held in London a week on Saturday. (A barcamp sounds like one of those establishments on Old Compton Street, but apparently is a new kind of participatory “unconference”.)

Here’s the official announcement.

“The Office of Public Sector Information, part of The National Archives, is holding a conference to ask re-users of public sector information to shape the future of public sector information re-use.  The event is open to anyone interested in public sector re-use and will take place on the 12 January 2008, at the Spey & Ness Rooms, City Inn.

“The aim of the web channel is to present public sector information with a commercial value in a user friendly way that will encourage its re-use and simplify its uptake, by improving interaction between departments and end-users.  The format of the final channel will have been shaped by the user community contributions through the web channel forum (at and this BarCamp ‘unconference’.

“The event follows the decision to launch a web-based channel as recommended by the Power of Information report that will “improve the Government’s responsiveness to demands for public sector information”. If you would like to attend the event you can register and shape the agenda by visiting

“The ‘unconference’ will take place at Spey & Ness Rooms, City Inn, 30 John Islip Street, Westminster, London.” 

Michael Cross will be there for the Free our Data campaign. Say hello!

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