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Yes, why minister?

An interesting question by the Liberal Democrat MP Nick Harvey to the defence minister Derek Twigg:

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence why the his Department’s review of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office does not incorporate any of the recommendations made in the 2006 Office of Fair Trading report—The Commercial Use of Public Sector Information.

Interesting question, since you could look at the executive summary on this site and not see much consideration of CUPI – only of the threat to UKHO by digitisation. (Personally I’m reminded of the music industry seeing MP3 being introduced and thinking it might be useful for sound in games…)

The reply from Derek Twigg:

The Government published a response to the Office of Fair Trade report, Commercial Use of Public Sector Information, in June 2007. The recommendation for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office to remain an Executive Agency financed through a Trading Fund took the response by Government fully into account.

If anyone could show us where the CUPI recommendations were taken fully into account in the UKHO consideration, we’d be grateful.

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