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Free Our Data: now on Twitter

You may or may not have heard of Twitter, which creates a social network (sorry) around sending SMS-length messages via the web or mobile. The idea is that you can send messages to the world in general, or communicate publicly with friends, or privately with friends. You can think of it as real-time micro-blogging (ie, very short but to the minute).

If you want to understand more about the service (which is free), you can read Making the most of Twitter, at the Guardian.

But the point here is that there is a Free Our Data twitter account, which will principally be used for notifying when there are new blog posts here. (We tend to note any stories on the Guardian too, though I may add that to the feed.) It shouldn’t be overwhelming. And we’ll aim to follow those who follow us, so that we know what’s going on.

You’ll find the page at (Congratulations Ian Sealy – our first follower!)

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