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And quote of the day goes to…

A simply marvellous response from Martin Daly, chief technology officer of CADCorp, commenting on the AGI’s response to the Prime Minister (read it here, because you’ll want to).

He remarked on Twitter:

Loving this AGI letter re OS … with pp-d signature. It takes some cojones to pp a letter to THE FREAKING PRIME MINISTER.

And you know what? He’s absolutely right. The second signature is pp’d. “Yeah, Prime Minister, I want you to read it, but you know what? I can’t actually be there to sign it. Can’t think how I could electronically put my signature on it either. So I got that person in the office who does stuff to sign it.”

Roll on, digital age. But mind you bring my quills too.

3 Responses to “And quote of the day goes to…”

  1. Andy Peters Says:

    Good quote, but I think the real prize has to go to Leeds City Council and their response to question 12 of the OS consultation…

    Q. Will these proposals have any impact on race, gender or disability equalities?

    A. OS Free data should be made available in black and white as an alternative option.

    Classic stuff! Read it in the flesh here:

  2. Chris Holcroft Says:

    Always happy to provide a few laughs.

    To clarify however, once the letter was cleared to send the AGI chairman was then on a flight to the US to conference. This being a posted letter (remember such things), I choose not to dig out the digital signature, but have the Chief Operations Officer cleared to sign on the chairman’s behalf.

    If that was wrong, point the finger at me because that was my call.

    Chris Holcroft
    Director & CEO

  3. Martin Says:

    Has anyone noticed that OS has stared giving lots of data away for free? seems strangely quiet on the launch of OS OpenData.

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