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And while we’re talking about Land Registry.. here comes UKMap

Verrry interesting post over at the UKMapping blog. We’ll include the full content because it’s short and very relevant.

Great news was received today at UKMap HQ. After much review and testing Land Registry have confirmed [and are happy for us to tell people] that they are happy to accept registrations based on UKMap.

Great news for all those consultants, government types and property professional using UKMap.

Full text below

“Following a review of UKMap, Land Registry is able to confirm that UKMap meets Land Registry’s requirements as a mapping base on which registration applications can be made and is comfortable accepting registration applications based on UKMap. Such registration applications must still follow relevant guidance as set out in Public Guide 40.”

What does this mean? That LR doesn’t necessarily have to rely on Ordnance Survey maps for registrations. That, too, pours sand into any engines that might be getting started looking to fund OS through higher LR transaction fees. Savvy users would just go to UKMap.

And an earlier post on that same blog includes these interesting new clients:

  • London Fire, serious users with a serious need to get better mapping. Now they have that with UKMap.
  • London Borough of Islington – managing their green environment, UKMap’s trees and Land Use makes all the difference for them.
  • Mott Macdonald – detailed city centre mapping, all in glorious 3D.
  • Promap – the UK’s leading mapping portal for the Land and Property market have announced they are taking UKMap

London councils and emergency services? That’s what I think you call an inroad into OS’s market, isn’t it?

2 Responses to “And while we’re talking about Land Registry.. here comes UKMap”

  1. R Bob Says:

    It would be interesting to find out the business case for public sector bodies paying for two sets of essentially similar base data with public funds.
    They surely are still paying OS as otherwise they would need to destroy their historic data as it is OS derived, but now they are also buying from a secondary source. How much added value is there in paying for something a second time that they already are forced into paying for from another source? Until issues of derived data are sorted out with OS I think the spread of UKMap in public bodies will be limited.

  2. M Richards Says:

    A couple of things to note here: UKMap is only available for London at the present time and will only [in future] cover major urban areas so it will not be available to the majority of English local authorities and, it is quite different to Master Map – people tend to look at a map and compare the ‘look and feel’ but the added value lies in the data behind the map. UKMap has a far richer attribution database sitting behind it and therefore can be used in different ways, often ways the OSMM can’t be used for. So it’s not so much paying twice but getting added value.

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