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England and Wales schools database: available here in SQL format

As part of the government’s Show Us A Better Way competition, it has made available all sorts of databases and datasets and APIs that haven’t previously been available – such as the list of all the schools in England and Wales.

Our only quibble with the latter was that it was only provided in Excel format – which as one commenter points out is a proprietary format (though free programs like OpenOffice will open it), and anyway to really begin doing useful things with such data you need to stuff it into a database; which calls for SQL format.

Never fear, Free Our Data is here. We’ve imported the data from the Excel file into a MySQL database and exported it as an SQL file which has all the required CREATE TABLE commands, with the data.

Grab a copy.
To make sure you’ve got the correct version (in case it gets copied and used elsewhere):

the MD5 checksum of the zip file is 3f46d71d84f6047ee0162d12a9456901

and of the SQL file itself (once unzipped) is 1021643b2c1c71773f20c7a4fbd1b8e1 .

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