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Environment Agency… sells our data?

We asked about a year ago whether we could declare the campaign done, finished, over. And the answer was clearly no, we can’t.

We said at the time that we’d consider it done when the Environment Agency began making its data available for free.

Well, the big red phone has been flashing in the Free Our Data batcave. Things are not how they should be. We’re hearing reports that it is selling data.

Here’s an email we received today:

“As you might know, the Environment Agency in England and Wales manage/collect/produce several datasets. Back in 2007 you wrote an article about ononemap using EA’s flood maps and how they forced the website admin to remove it from ononemap website.

(Yes, we remember that.)

“Unfortunately, EA has gone far beyond that.” (We’ve redacted the rest for confidentiality reasons.)

We’ll file a Freedom of Information request to see if we can get more details. Stay tuned.

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